I Heart Magazines ...

I wish Lonny magazine were in print! There, I said it. It’s not because I’m against digital platforms, it’s simply because I love it and wish I could just tear out all of my favorite pages (there are a lot) and tape them accordingly on various walls around my house. I know I can print them out, but it’s just not the same. What is somewhat the same is the awesome content which resembles that of my beloved Domino magazine. Which should come as no surprise since the two founders, Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, hail from Domino. I have to admit though, if you’re gonna go to a digital platform for a publication Lonny did it right. The toolbar options across the top are pretty cool. You can choose which layout you wish to peruse in, you can do full screen or standard view and you can literally shop from the pages by rolling over any item and up pops the link where you can purchase. That is instant gratification at its finest. With 195 pages worth of things at your fingertips it’s definitely worth checking out again, again, and again.

The photos above are from Ron Marvin’s “Bachelor Pad, “ (p. 84) one of my favorite pieces from this inaugural issue.


julia wheeler said...

long live print! don't tell lee i said that;)

The Emily's said...

what a great magazine! it is too bad that it's not in print.

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