Cosas Mínimas ...

I absolutely love the Cosas Mínimas ("tiny things" in spanish) website from illustrator Blanca Gómez. Her illustrations are so cute (w/just a dash of Alexander Girard) and so relatable! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like the mom in the top illustration. Am I right ladies? For those of you w/out kids don’t worry, Blanca has something for everyone. She’s an illustrator and designer from Madrid who’s done what looks like everything from book covers, wedding invites, and t-shirts to company identities. You should check out the cards she’s done for Moo Cards and of course her etsy shop---her 2010 calendar is awesome!

BTW, the top illustration is the cover of a book titled The 7 Myths of Working Mothers. Hmmm … sounds like an interesting read.


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