Thanksgiving ...

I love the holidays! It’s so hard for me not to skip right over Thanksgiving and get right into my Christmas decorating, planning and shopping. But I don’t dare skip Thanksgiving since, well, I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. I’m especially thankful for the things that keep me “centered.” My faith, family, friends, yoga, etc. I’ve learned (and am still learning) that by being centered it’s harder for the challenges of life to push you off kilter. Challenges are inevitable but if you’re centered you tend to manage to stay in the middle … not succumb to victim mode but also not being blind to the issue at hand. Because as it turns out challenges are, dare I say it, positive. They will make you stronger but best of all I feel like they will help me later relate to whatever issues (big or small) that my kids might face as they get older.

Yikes, didn’t mean to get all Oprah on you. While we celebrate Thanksgiving I will be posting “Gift Suggestions” for a head start on crossing names off your lists. Happy Thanksgiving!

BTW ... what are you thankful for?

Photo: Maple Roast Turkey with Riesling Gravy via


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