Gift Suggestion No. 1 ... Yellow Owl Workshop

I’m a sucker for stationary. I don’t even write notes or letters much anymore (damn the information superhighway), but there’s just something about stationary that seems cozy to me. I always imagine that I’ll sit down on a cold night with a cup of tea by the fire (mind you I have no fireplace) and just start corresponding to all of my friends. That is if they don’t email, text or IM me in the interim.

Back to my point, if you like stationary even a fraction as much as I do, you’re bound to love Yellow Owl Workshop! They have so many cool things to gift that it makes it hard not to buy for myself. Their postcard and correspondence sets are great for artsy family or friends. Love, love, love their creative stamp sets. So great for kids or adults really. The best part? Most everything is between $10 and $60. What are you waiting for? Oh, and check out their holiday cards too.


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