Miu Miu Cocktail Party ...

How funny is this? So after posting about the Miu Miu store being open at South Coast Plaza we're at my parents house over Thanksgiving and there amidst all of their mail is something with my name on it. It's an invite from Miu Miu. After leaving Prada (I worked there for a few years) I guess I left their address as a "permanent" one. Lucky me! Yours truly was invited to their store opening cocktail party! I still can't believe the irony and timing.

Here's a little photo essay for you from this past Wednesday night. Bear with me, it was tough being the only one (aside from the professional photographer … hello!) taking photos that night. I was trying really hard not to look like a dork☺

But the most important photo of all is of the boots! Remember, I couldn’t find one on the ‘net last week? Although my photo does these treasures no justice at all. Just envision eggplant purple and you’re good.

The invite! They used an actual clothing label on both the invite and envelope it came in. Naturally.

I swear I'm on the list.

The entire store was mirrors. Someone had to have walked right into one at some point (drink in hand).

Even the DJ was styled out.

This was the beautiful window dress with amazing open toe lace up boots. And oh yeah, the gold mannequin! Can you get more glamorous?

There was a lot of glitz happening. Bags, shoes, and a glass of wine. Perfection!

Beautiful mirrored shelving with really pretty accessories. If you look closely you can see me in the mirror ... funny.

Very cute little dress with sexy deep v

The boots!


Stephanie said...

What I'd give to show up to a Holiday Party in that 2nd dress down...who am I kidding I'd wear anything by Mui Mui.

Stephanie said...

And by Mui Mui I meant Miu Miu...

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