Oh, Just Hanging Out ...

There are just some things kids do better than we do ... one of them is hanging out. After all the running around during Thanksgiving we're looking forward to doing just that this weekend.

P.S. I think we're getting our tree tonight! What are you doing?


Stephanie said...

I love that little lady!!!

We kick off the weekend with Huxley and Keira's Holiday Musical Performance for daycare, too cute.

Happenstance - Haydee said...

So cute! We have Penelope's gingerbread house making party next week. It's so about the kids this time of year ... so fun!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Hope the tree went up without a hitch! We just relaxed most of the weekend and watched Mad Men Season One (just started and I'm addicted!). You must post photos of your holiday decor for us!
XXX Kate

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