Beer Tasting ...

So as of tomorrow we are officially done with all organized summer activities for the kiddos. While it was a simple schedule, I've decided to leave August clear of swim classes so that we can enjoy the rest of the lazy, hazy summer unscheduled. But then I ran into this awesome beer tasting party that Camille Styles did for The Cooking Channel.
How awesome and fun does this look? Are you a beer person? I totally am. Especially so in the summer months. So now all I keep wondering is if I could pull something like this off before school starts. 
And the answer is (drumroooooll) ... probably not. But it's okay to dream, right? It's such a great idea though that I'm definitely going to keep this inspiration in my back pocket. 


Tiffany Kadani said...

I'd totally go for the food. Those burgers look amazing!

Have a wonderfully relaxing time with your family.

L o v e l y t h i n g s said... everything abut this...and i don;t think it's because I am super hungry at the moment. Fun food/drink and table setting.

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Love this idea for a party. It doesn't help that the styling is SO good. I wish we could make time to plan such a get together...It would be so much fun. I mean, check out that cool table runner!

Corey Glenn said...

I'm more of a beer enthusiast, actually. :) Oftentimes, I drink beer in the winter, you know. It just all boils down to the brand. Those were mouthwatering hamburgers, by the way! They're the perfect partners for beer. May I ask, what's the brand of your beer? I'm more interested with the black one.

Rob Feckler said...

You should have your own winter beer list, Happenstance. :) Just make sure that there’s something in the list for everyone in the party, okay? :P After all, you know your friends better than anyone else.

Jessie Henn said...

Corey! I'm also a beer enthusiast and I'd rather drink beer than hard drinks during the winter. :) I wonder how long would it take for one to finish feasting those huge hamburgers alone. LOL!

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