Konichiwang ...

"My question has never been how to come up with a good idea. Anyone can have a good idea. What I've always wondered is how did a certain person make their cool idea actually happen." 
– Andrew Green, Founder of Konichiwang magazine

And this my friends is how the idea for print mag Konichiwang got started. Founder Andrew Green has conducted several Q&A's with the founders of such businesses as surf and furniture brands, to photographers, non-profit trailblazers and hand-crafted gin makers. Inspiration for anyone and everyone looking to find out how someone got started. 
To support printing and distribution costs for the next issue (and if you believe print is not dead like I do!) Andrew has created a Kickstarter campaign to help get this inspiring project funded. He needs to raise $30k by October 24, 2013 so go on, check it out and tell a friend! How can you not want this lovely piece of artwork on your coffee table?
 P.S. If you're curious about the name "Konichiwang" read here (scroll down to 'our story'). 


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