Monday Pretties (and Handsomes) ...

Ever the perfect capturist (is that even a word?) Tommy Ton's photos are always such a great source of inspiration. They never cease to amaze me. Here are some faves as of late. How much do I love this blue dress?
Wanna know a secret? I think salt and pepper hair looks great on guys. Anyone else? Bueller? Regardless, these two have great style. P.S. I'm jealous of that houndstooth jacket.
I've been donning my cap all summer at the beach so when I saw this I got excited. Although she takes it to a more dressed up level. Not sure I can pull this off, but she sure does. 
The Mercedes looks like Olivia's accessory. Gorge as always. That dress gives fresh meaning to the LBD. So cute!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!


Dancing Branflake said...

Oh, that blue dress! It's me. It's so me. Will definitely be stalking Tommy now.

rebecca said...

take the cedes, leave the dress. hey-o.

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

In love with all these photos. Tommy Ton kills every time, especially with the gents. I'm with you on the salt & pepper - Smart looking.

California Chic said...

I'm OBSESSED with Tommy Ton! Everytime I'm in a rut, I just head over and browse a few of his pics - I'm always inspired to take a risk or mix things up. Hope you had a great week!

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