Mid-Week Links ...

Hi. Yeah, remember me? So it happened. Summer is officially over as both kiddos have started school this week. Bittersweet. Hard to believe the time has come where I have not one, but two morning drop-offs now! But the bright side is you'll be seeing me posting around these parts more consistently now that I'll have some golden time to myself. So I thought I'd kick off Wednesday with some mid-week links for you. Hope your week's going great so far!

  • Loving this quaint kitchen (above) with warm, wood tones coupled with stainless steel and white. (photo: Julian Wass).
  • Omg, I can't believe it's already time. This is in stores now.
  • This will help me embrace the upcoming sweater season.
  • Read this post from Sarah over at Whoorl a couple of weeks ago and it made me laugh. I'm sure moms everywhere can relate.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Missed you and your fab posts. Hooray for more time with us (your other children, heh.) Happy Fall!

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Aw, that is bittersweet. By all accounts, it was a good summer. I will be in your boat next week as both kids return to {pre}school. Here's to getting a little "me" time back. Cheers, H!

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