It's 5pm Somewhere ...

That view, the amazing blue water and the beautiful vintage boat. I'm going to pretend I'm in the back of the boat taking it all in. This photo was taken by the talented Brad Swonetz whom I had the privilege of meeting last week. Be sure to drop by his site and check out his other works for magazines like Flaunt, WSJ, and Italian Vogue.

Ahh, the weekend. Any fun plans? We don't have much planned which, if you ask me, is perfect. Looking forward to some down time and lazying around. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Group hug:)

Really want to see this.

Cute and funny (with a dash of crude)

Can't wait for Warby Parker sunglasses to arrive this summer!

Collected magazine is now live! (and it's so, so good)

Love this ladder necklace.

The Bink & Boo pop-up shop opens tomorrow!

Kelly Wearstler shares a good beet juice recipe (first paragraph)

The zig-zag one would've been my choice too.

I'm down with O.P.P.


TheBeautyFile said...

XOXOXO, thanks for the shout out!! I can not WAIT to see the BM movie. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Amanda* said...

That picture looks like it was taken in Oregon on a hot summer day :) I love it! I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out on my blog!

Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend--I have the exact opposite planned (frenetic family craziness), but expect it to be equally wonderful

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I love the layout. It's so clean and easy. You have great pics & style. I've bookmarked it!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the beautiful boat picture on your blog. This was taken on Lake Tahoe and the boaters are heading towards Fanette Island located in Emerald Bay, one of the most photographed and scenic spots in the world. Every summer , there is a wooden boat show in Tahoe City where they also have a very neat little museum showcasing several old wooden boats. Thanks for sharing.

julia wheeler said...

bahaha! i'm down with OPP too. that was a good one, haydes!

Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle said...

Love all of these picks! Especially the Warby Parker sunglasses and OPP (I do love her/hate her/want to be her!). Did you see Bridesmaids? I've heard really good things!

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