Happy Dad's Weekend ...

Love that both Eric and my dad surf and sometimes together.
Photo: Ed Fladung

What can I say? I have the best dad and so do my kids. My dad taught me so many things that I attest to my occasional successes in life. As a kid he used to always tell me "nothing in life is guaranteed." I used to hate it! It sounded so pessimistic, but of course now I get it. He also told me never to cry at work (I wonder if he knows Kelly Cutrone?). And when I'd get slide tackled in soccer, my mom would practically waive for an ambulance while my dad would help me up, brush me off and nudge me back in the game.

As for my husband Eric, I am so happy that P has a father like him to give her the proper guidelines when it comes to her future choices in relationships (much like I did). And I'm so happy that K has such incredible role models in both Eric and my dad in regards to being a responsible, loving, young man. We are truly blessed to have these men in our lives!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are on the brink of summer, can you believe it?! Group hug:)


Lillian C said...

Aww, super sweet!! :) I love these days when we can take the time to appreciate how amazing our parents are :)
Looks like you hit the jackpot when it comes to dads in your life :)
Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!!

(P.S. I LOVE that your husband & son surf together...my bf and his brother grew up surfing with their dad too, and it's become that bond throughout their lives :)

thais said...

yep, summer is almost here... can't wait. and you are a lucky gal with all these special men around!! good weekend to you too ;)

taryn said...

haydee! that was the sweetest post ever! that is so cute that both your dads surf. have a great weekend! hugs!

Elaine said...

That's so sweet :) Have a great weekend!

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Brandi said...

Aww, Haydee, this blog post was so wonderful. I'm a bit bummed since I won't be with my father this Sunday, but I'm planning on making it up to him. Have a wonderful weekend!!

bink and boo said...

This post warms my heart. You were missed today.

kendall k. said...

Indeed you were missed today!!!
Please tell Eric "happy dad's day" from us.

Have a great weekend!

Ana Degenaar said...

This is so amazing, it made me want to cry... I am spending one more Father;s day away from my dad, it is so hard but just knowing he is there comforts me.
thanks for sharing!

donné putter said...

I was contemplating a surf this morning - swell's tiny and its freezing cold (winter in cape town!) - but this post made me want to get out there regardless. Thank you! x

Galit said...

Enjoyed reading your post so much!!
Full of love and sweetness
It is very much winter in South Australia so it was nice to catch some sea breeze through your writing :)

Have a great weekend!!

Tiffany Kadani said...

This is such an endearing post. So inspiring to all men who are fathers or will be.

rikshaw design said...

such a sweet lil love note to your fav men..
the photo is amazing too..
will you get on twitter..we need to tweet with eachother!

Heather Feemster said...

Have the best time, cheers to both your awesome Dad and Eric, they both are amazing..as are you. xo

Melissa Blake said...

Happy weekend to you too! xoxo

Fern and Feather said...

so sweet... enjoy those amazing men today!! they are such a blessing...oxo!!

Punctuation Mark said...

very cute post!!! hope you're having a nice one!!!

Jodi Kendall said...

ha- love the Kelly Cutrone reference!!!

Sounds like you have an amazing dad :) Enjoy celebrating!

Anonymous said...

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