Good Old Fashioned Rant ...

In a word, yes. Can I just tell you how unbelievably annoying it's been not having an internet connection for two whole days?! For the last two mornings in a row my internet connection has failed just after publishing my morning post ... for the entire day! Talk about feeling disconnected from the world! I know I could've used my phone for email but I hate trying to send clear and concise emails that require more than two sentences through my phone. And then after all that, I got annoyed that I was annoyed at not having internet connection because it somehow seemed so futile. But is it?

P.S. A special high five to Eric for fixing our internet fiasco. He now feels like he can work at the Apple Genius Bar.

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Heather Feemster said...

He can work at the genius bar, I don't doubt it.

julia wheeler said...

eric is his own genius bar!

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