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At least they're honest. I like companies with humor, makes me want to know more about them. The owner of this company is a surfer from San Francisco–so the branding of his stationary is very befitting. It's simple brilliance really. I would be quick to open this mail just out of curiosity. Wouldn't you?

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thais. said...

yes I would be curious as well. the colors, the bold text and the humor... brilliant and simple!

Dancing Branflake said...

Thanks cute. Ahh... this just makes me want to go to the beach so yes... the advertisement works!

Elizabeth said...

I looked up the company, and it is for another blog site? Is that correct or am I seeing that wrong?

I didn't get that at all from the inside stationary, but I can't view the small print so perhaps there's mention of what they do there?? :)
However, based off of what I can read, I don't get their message... why would you call when it is an internet based company? I might be missing something. Please let me know if I am. :)

I would probably open this mail out of curiosity though.

Happenstance said...

Elizabeth: You are correct! I thought about this too and here was my conclusion. The "surfing" part could have a double meaning in that he could be "surfing" the net which is related to blogging.

As far as the calling part, you have to remember he's most likely corresponding with behind-the-scenes business people. Not the front end people like us.

Hope my "why people do random things 101" helped!:)

Elizabeth said...

Hahah... thanks for the lesson. :)
I looked at the mailing as being an advertisement for the consumer... Thanks for giving me the another persepective.
I will accept the "surfing" double meaning. That would be clever.
I also accept your "behind-the-scenes business people" thought. Makes more sense that way for sure.

pen.ny said...

I love this. My favorite types of cards/stationery are ones with humor thats blunt. Hilarious.

Brandi said...

This is brilliant. I would definitely remember this company. Humor works so well.

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