Any Ideas? ...

I see a heart in here, don't you?

This polaroid may seem kind of random but it's not. See, this Friday marks mine and Eric's 5th wedding anniversary and the traditional gift this year is wood. Wood signifies strength and a solidified relationship–I love that.

So I need your help ... I have some gift ideas in my head but I'm not totally sold on them. I thought it would be fun to hear any ideas, suggestions or stories you can share that might spark an idea in me. Who better to tap into than the most creative people I know? Thanks a mil and Eric, if you're reading this DO NOT read the comments. Love you:)

P.S. For those of you who actually know us, a skateboard is way too obvious and he has way too many already:)

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julia wheeler said...

ooh definitely a cute wooden card!

i know there are shops locally that sell these... i think there's one in marisa's 'hood of Nado but maybe try paper source too??

julia wheeler said...

p.s. congratulations! yay love!!

julia wheeler said...

ooh! and what about a tree to plant?

Dandelion and Grey said...

I second a tree.. does he have a favorite fruit? Maybe a sweet orange tree? I wish I had some creative ideas for you.. if I think of any I will let you know! xo

MaryBeth Hughes said...

not sure if he is a beer fan, but what about a custom keg tapper? but the keg might be a must to go along with it? happy anniversary by the way.

olive juice photography said...

im terrible with gifts.. but, i did see the heart before i read the blog! so i guess that's good right! and congrats on your 5 years! wooohooo :)

La Feem said...

Aww, Happy Anniversary!!! Does he draw at all?? Anthropology had some rad wood colored pencils, you could give him a moleskin to go with it. I'll keep thinking......

Yogi said...

A wooden picture frame.

A set of five wooden picture frames (one for a photo of each of you, and the fifth for a photo of all four of you).

A trip to the Redwoods forest.

A wooden ladder... reach new heights (of utility).

A 2' x 4'? The possibilities...

A wooden word, think Robert Indiana.

Tennis rackets.

Clogs, just kidding.

A chopping block... just as a reminder.

A tree house (Post Ranch Inn).

Brandi said...

Happy 5-year anniversary in advance! As for a gift, hmm...what about some sort of day in the woods? A picnic, a hike, something of that sort?

Happenstance said...

How awesome are you guys?

Julia: I think they have those at Solo! Good one!

I like the tree idea ladies!

MaryBeth: He's not much of a beer drinker, but I kinda like it for myself:)

Heather, I like this too!

Yogi, you are brilliant & hilarious! I might have to do the clogs just to make him mad;)

Elizabeth said...

some of those wooden eyeglass frames would be super cool. Do they make them in a man style?

find some beach wood and widdle him something.

Holy Cow! This just might be the golden ticket... SERIOUSLY.
Epicurean Cutting Boards. (check them out here: ) I love these! i use these. You can get them at Williams Sonoma too. These boards are great. Their story is great! Check it out here... totally ties in to your guys's skateboard lives too
anyway, they are eco-consious, you can put them in the dishwasher, etc etc.

Good luck!

Krissy Engle said...

Happy anniversary Haydee!

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