Energy Blanket ...

Sometimes we just need things spelled out for us.

This "Energy Blanket" is by fascinating performance artist Marina Abramovic. You may remember just seeing her in the January '10 issue of W. The "Energy Blanket" comes with a drawing of Marina's body indicating where each of the accompanying 14 magnets should go before climbing underneath the blanket. Talk about interacting with your art piece.

If you read the W article you know that Abramovic is not shy and takes things to great lengths. This March she has a retrospective at MOMA where her interactive art will involve two people in the nude standing opposite eachother in a very, very narrow doorway that the public must enter through to see the exhibition. Awwwkward! Just standing outside watching everyone entering will be a show in itself!

Image: T Magazine/NY Times


Andy said...

haha. this is very smart of her. and that idea with the nude people? Ack, i'd rather not enter!

dandelion daydream photography said...

i love that idea! people freak out when nudity comes into play.. i mean we all pretty much have the same parts you know.. i mean men have same parts as men and women as women.. it's just funny when people start to get weirded out by something they see every day..

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