Wedding Anyone? ... Take 2

Some more visual inspiration for you. This time via Heather Moreau, of Vallentyne Photography, who also happened to shoot my wedding! Heather is an old colleague (are you sensing a theme?) of mine who began her passion for photography in 2001 and has captured great images since. Below are some great outdoor images that are sure to inspire you.

Haystack seating ... very personal and special.
(Plus, the Bugaboo in the last row to add to the fab factor;)

Couple of different lantern styles light up this cocktail hour.

Love the lit walkway. How's that moon?!

You get the feeling that the wedding day is over and everyone has gone and all that matters is who remains.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ohhhhh the lit walkway and the lanterns hanging from the trees! You never cease to inspire. I'm taking notes in my wedding planner! XX Kate

Brandi said...

I don't know what I love more. The lanterns I think will be a must at my wedding (whenever that ends up being) and I so love the idea of doing the reception and all outdoors. Using nature's beauty is the way to go.

julia wheeler said...

sighh! i love it! that last one is at leo carillo, right? i was dying to have our reception there... damn carlsbad and their noise regulations!

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