Modular Stripes ...

The "Side By Side" laid out in parquet style ... love.
The desk and chair are pretty amazing too.

The bronze/cream "Shiny Happy Stripe."

Here, two different stripe widths laid out as a runner.

Just got the new FLOR catalog today. Not quite sure why I haven't gone the route of the modular tile yet. Especially since you can buy what you need which works especially well for small living quarters like mine. Style and practicality ... works for me!

P.S. There's still a bit of time to enter the giveaway! Winner announced tomorrow ...


DEA said...

very cool pictures!!


katrina lauren said...

oh how i love the desk in your first photo...such an interesting look!
i just wanted to tell you that i gave you a 'kreativ blogger' award and hope you'll pop on over to pick it up!
happy day to you

Seven Yossarian said...

all 3 layouts are just amazing. The chair in the 1st pic is sooo nice and the parquet really makes it pop.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

So fun and practical! They look awfully sophisticated---nothing beats a good stripe. Way to go FLOR---I'll be keeping it in mind for our future home. How I loathe rentals...ugh.
XX Kate

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