It's Great ...

Hooray! I got to see It's Complicated yesterday and the decor was every bit the eye candy I thought it would be. I just wish we'd have been able to see more of the house like we did in Something's Gotta Give. Or is it because I've seen SGG a million times that I've noticed more things? In any case, I recommend seeing it. Even Eric liked it:)

This was the best shot I could find of the house itself. Beautiful spanish style.

Here's the kitchen looking out into the dining room. Love the marble countertop and the beamed ceilings!

Dining room looking into the kitchen.

How great is this vegetable garden?

All Photos: IMDb


julia wheeler said...

AHH! thank you for posting these! my mom and i saw this yesterday and were scouring youtube to try to show my dad pictures of the house and garden that we fell in love with while watching the movie!

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