Perfect Silhouette ...

Eventually I want to have one of these done for each family member and placed sporadically amongst a wall of family photographs. The artist, Carter Kustera, will even do a silhouette of your pet! You can even provide a funny tag line to accompany the silhouettes. And if you can’t come up with a fun tag line he’ll make one up for you. Not sure if it gets any better or fun guys.

And BTW ... Carter could not be any nicer. Talent and humbleness will take you far kids:)


Elizabeth said...

I can appreciate these. My parents had silhouettes done of all of us kids when we were young and had them hanging on the wall for as long as I could remember. They were not colorful like the ones pictured, just black and white ones you get done at a shop in Disneyland, but still... I loved the overall look of them. I was always so proud of mine, I thought I looked so cute.
Definitely get these done for your family as everyone gets older. Super cute.

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