High Fives ...

Since this is the month of thanks I wanted to take a minute to virtual high five all of the firefighters out there. A few months ago we were driving along the freeway and off to the side was a car engulfed in flames. You could see the firetruck approaching and all I could think was how we don’t even think twice about expecting those firefighters to jump right in there and put it out. Without more than a few seconds to assess the situation they just go for it. That’s crazy.

I took this photo at my brother’s station in LA a couple of months ago. I thought about this row of boots when I saw that car fire. You’ll notice their yellow turnout pants already draped over their boots with their red suspenders fastened. They are ready to be there for you at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. That is noble. Thanks Nick!

High five a firefighter this weekend!


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