'Untitled' ... Michael Leon

One day I was at Solo thumbing through an architecture book called Bohemian Modern: Living In Silver Lake. One of the pages was of a studio with this framed poster in the background. In the photo was Geoff McFetridge (known skate artist) so I assumed he had done it since apparently the photo was of his studio. I tracked Geoff down via email and he let’s me know that it’s not his but a Michael Leon piece. Low and behold I actually knew who Michael was and had met him a couple of times. Finally I get a hold of Michael’s lovely wife Laura who helps me track down this poster and ultimately buy one. We are the proud owners of #41 of 100. It sits in our living room and I love it for a few reasons. First, I feel like it found me, it’s a map of California where we were born and raised, and lastly if you look close enough you’ll notice the holes at the top and bottom which represent where trucks would go on a skateboard … my husband and I met through the skateboard industry. Art really does take on multiple meaning.

P.S. Plus, it’s fun to watch people try and guess what cities the 8 holes represent;)


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing the history to this super cute artwork in your living room. It's such a fun piece but even better with a backstory.

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