Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Happenstance was started back in 2009 as a creative outlet. What began as something that my friends and family read to humor me, ended up turning into something that complete strangers from around the world began to read and engage in as well. The power of connection ensued, many great friends have been made, and here I am today. Well on my way to year five of blogging, and I still find it super fun and inspiring to share the things I find interesting in life. From fashion and design, to kids, photography, food, and art ... I think I've covered it all. 

I'm blessed to be the mother of two amazing (and hilarious) kids, and wife to one amazing guy. We are a southern California family through and through–it's not unusual to find skateboards lying around the house or even surfboard fins poking out of various parts of our garage. It's how we do and in fact it's how my husband and I met–through the action sports industry. Thank you skateboarding.

"Be the first. Be the light." Often times you'll see this as my sign off. Simply put, "Be the first" is a reminder to be the first to hold open a door, be the first to smile at a stranger coming my way, be the first to let up and let the driver into my lane ... you get the idea. And "Be the light" is simply a reminder to be my best self. Be the best example of a human being. Be the best extension of our Source, God. These are words I practice to live by everyday (because nobody's perfect, nor should we ever aspire to be). Not just for myself or my own kids, but for complete strangers and everyone in between. We owe it to ourselves, everyone around us, and this planet. Don't you think?

Be the first. Be the light.


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