It's 5pm Somewhere ...

This photo of Amanda Pearl in the latest issue of Matchbook magazine made me all sorts of happy. So much eye candy with that inspiration wall and of course Amanda's super cute style. And hello doggie with cute expression.

Any plans this weekend? My weekend begins tonight with a fun get together with the best group of hilarious and talented ladies. Doubled over laughter is sure to ensue. Saturday I may have to recuperate. Then on Sunday we're hosting a little shindig for my SIL who just solidified her MBA from Loyola Marymount–congratulations Christiane!

Wishing all moms and mom-to-be's a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Group hug:) And now, your friendly neighborhood links ...

In honor of Mother's Day ... mommy acronyms, aka {M}acronyms! This is hilarious. My title would be SAHM of DD & DS.

I know a lot of mammas who surf. Even if you don't, but want to learn, this is a great idea.

Not that I would, but it makes it double dog difficult to dismiss when a Missoni baby blanket comes with it!

Wait, what? Gwyneth Paltrow knows every word from Straight Outta Compton?!

I was trying to figure out how painted knee highs might be a bad idea. So far, nothing.

Sofia Coppola's essentials. (via The Bengal Stripe)

Life Calendars. What a cute (and honest) idea.

The kids and I do this all the time. It never occurred to me to challenge Eric to a serious contest.

She had me at "Max Fischer" and sealed the deal with "sea foam green Land Rover Defender." Tomboy's unite! (psst, I didn't like dolls either–gasp).

Do you ever think about deactivating your FB account? This person did and surmises the act of doing so with equal parts great points and humor.


Makena said...

I love your blog!! Cute pic, too

Lillian C said...

That surfin' mamma's link is awesome! And such a great idea! :)
And I love that photo - it's brilliant!
Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

bink and boo said...

I love this picture...and her hair!

Happy Mother's Day beautiful!

Fern and Feather said...

I actually have no idea who this adorable gal is but I want to be her friend at first glance... great photo!!

Ana Degenaar said...

Girl crush. I love her. I am in love with her... No, seriously!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day weekend! (emailing you soon)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Gwyneth knows those lyrics, love the life calendar and love Sophia Coppola's essentials! Great post! Happy Mother's Day, Haydee! xo

Heather Feemster said...

Can't wait to see you tonight! Thanks for the shout out, Helga and I have decided it's going to be a body painting kind of summer...x

julia wheeler said...

she's just adorable!

totally in on the body paint knee highs!

can't wait for belly laughs tonight!!

happy mother's day!!

kendall k. said...

I love Sophia Coppola! Her essential list is great. See you tonight. xo

Brandi said...

So many good links, Haydee! I'm a bit overwhelmed, but in a really fantastic way. Can't wait to see you tonight!

thais said...

eye candy shot indeed! also, pretty cool life calendars and facebook suicide article.
hope you have a wonderful 'SAHM of DD & DS' weekend :)

Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} said...

Those life calendars are precious. I hope you are having an equally adorable weekend.

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