Cozy Cuteness ...

One of the first signs of fall around our house is when I break out the blankets. I get giddy about it. So naturally I got excited when I spotted these Cross Blankets over on SwissMiss. They have such great graphic detail for sprucing up any bed, or perfect for just cuddling up on the couch with. And did I mention they're made from 100% organic cotton? Bonus!

And to add to my fall giddiness I also found these amazing wool slippers while perusing the Pia Wallén site. How cute are these and the color options? Cozy is looking cuter and cuter you guys.

P.S. They have these slippers for babies too ... stop. it. right. now.

Images: Pia Wallén


thais said...

yay for cozy blankets season!!

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