It's 5pm Somewhere ...

As I type this (late, oops) post at 7:03pm it's 86º outside! It's been hot people. In fact, dusk to evening beach sessions have been our thing lately. Even early morning 9am sessions have been happening. Anything to be near the water and try and escape the midday heat and being cooped up all day in the house. I don't know how they do it in the desert. How is it where you are?

Any fun plans this weekend? We have a whole lot of nothing going on which I love! Although I do have to continue transforming our storage room into an office. Man, it's hard to "quickly" go through boxes. Wish me luck. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Group hug:)

Photo: Drew Innis


Alex Musetti said...

I know how it feels, I think I'm going to melt any moment. We're on a heat wave in Mallorca, where I live, plus the humidity is getting higher...
The sea is the only cool way I can think of to stay fresh.
Have a cool weekend!

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