It's 5pm Somewhere ...

So you might recognize this photo from a TPS post from a couple of weeks ago. It's from a group of pics from the new Morrison Hair Co. in Laguna Beach. The transformation that was done on this bungalow to make it into a 'non salon' is nothing short of remarkable. In fact, I took several mental notes for my own home. Love it so much. Catch it here if you missed it.

So what up? (I say that à la Christian Siriano) Any fun plans this weekend? My birthday continues with a little shindig over at my parents house tomorrow which will be fun. But I'm seriously looking forward to the warm weather today (83º!) that's supposed to carry into tomorrow. Spring is definitely upon us.

Speaking of, don't forget to push your clocks forward this Sunday at 2am! Last thing you want to do is show up late for work or an appointment on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone! Group hug:)


Dancing Branflake said...

Have fun celebrating!

And yes, DLST is upon us. Sigh... it's the difficult one, isn't it?

Theresa / inspirationCOOPERATIVE said...

Thanks for reminding us to spring forward! That makes it official. Have a great weekend continuing to celebrate a year wiser. Like you, going to bask in this amazing weather. Hugging you right back.

thais said...

yay for longer days! have a good friday and enjoy the lasting celebrations dear - xoxo

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