Gift Guide No. 3 ...

Just so you know, there are three weeks and three days left to shop before Christmas. And this happens to be gift guide no. 3. Hmmmm, what does this mean?

1. Trader Joe's, Cookbook
2. Catcher in the Rye, Book Cover Fleece
3. Design Within Reach, Wood Chopsticks
4. Tanner Goods, Coaster Set
5. Tanner Goods, Standard Belt
6. Archival Clothing, Filson Tin Cloth Dog Bowl
7. Judy Kaufmann, Woody Allen Print


Julie-Inspired Shares said...

Thanks for these is the first day of Hannukah and I need to get way too much done. At least I still have some time before Christmas gets here, lucky me I get to shop for both!
Julie xo

La Feem said...

I love that sweatshirt, I've only seen it as a tee before. It's one of my all time favorite books!

Ana Degenaar said...

Your gift-guides make me so happy!

TheBeautyFile said...

Dying...I have those wooden chopsticks saved on my computer from last week for my {non-existent} gift guide!!!!


TheBeautyFile said...

Also, I'm obsessed with Woody Allen...not in a weird way. I often think to myself, how can I make my life more like one of his films?

Then I realize....I can't.

house 09 said...

LOVE the woody allen print! how unique of a gift :)
and the trader joe's cookbook got me very curious - thx ;)

Brandi said...

Oh my golly, it's a shopping countdown! I'll pretend I didn't read that so I can have at least one more week of bliss (more like paper writing) before reality sets in. Great collection. I had no idea there was a Trader Joe's cookbook!

bink and boo said...

WHY!?!?!?!? Why on earth did you have to give us a shopping countdown?! I swear it was just halloween. WTF, where did the time go?

P.S. I am loving those Tanner Goods coasters.

Lyndsy said...

I have the Trader Joe's cookbook! It is so cool :) I am also loving that Catcher in the Rye sweatshirt. It is my fave book of all time :)

A Busy Catholic Girl,Sparkly Sarah and The Sports Guy said...

This is awesome! I really enjoy me some Trader Joe's!

domesticated_desk said...

I love your blog, I look forward to reading more!

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