High Five's! ...

I think we paced every square inch of our living room last night watching this game come down to the final seconds! Growing up I went to my fair share of Laker games and had the privilege of seeing the old school Laker/Celtics rivalry between Magic and Bird. So to watch the Lakers win this new school Laker/Celtics rivalry was precious indeed. High five's to Fisher and Kobe for their fifth championship and a sweet sixteen to the Laker franchise for their sixteenth NBA championship. Yeah Lakers!!!!!

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Melissa Blake said...

Yayyyy!! :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Hmph. Boo.

Haha. I just had to be negative. The pain is deep. Very deep.

Jess said...

It really was a great game, wasn't it?!

Congrats on the win!!

Have a lovely weekend ;)


rustic rooster interiors said...

Sooooooooooooooo excited! Go Lakers!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Jen said...

Yipeee!!! What a great game last night! Soooo thrilled they won!! Hmmm... now what am I going to wach on TV?? :-(

rikshaw design said...

it was a nail bighter of a game..but lets face it they wouldn't have won without Gasol!
my only annoyance was...could kobe's wife please get off stage!!!

Siri said...

We were screaming so loud in my house that at one point I noticed my son in a corner looking VERY afraid. SUCH BAD PARENTS! But it was necessary and I think it helped them win : )

Unknown said...

Catherine, you crack me up and you read my mind! I always tell my husband that it's like me showing up at his work with the kids. She needs to let him concentrate with the rest of the team.

Anonymous said...

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