Lauren Hutton + H&M ...

Ms. Hutton snaps away on location in St. Barts during her photoshoot by Patrick Demarchelier.

At 66, (yes, 66!) Lauren Hutton is the newest model for H&M. I'm really starting to believe what I've been hearing lately about really starting to live in your 40's and 50's (or in Ms. Hutton's case, 60's) and not your 30's. I find the timing of this very interesting since my friend Julia just had a great post about what it is to be Lauren Hutton vs. that girl from 'The Hills.'

Photo: Daily Mail via All The Rage


Brandi said...

Awesome! I'm so glad companies are thinking outside of the very skinny, young box when it comes to models.

julia wheeler said...

i LOVE it! i can't wait to see the campaign... h&m usually does such a good job with the vintage 70s vibe so i hope they capture some vintage lauren looks!

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