Jonah + Russell ...

Scene from Get Him To The Greek.

My favorite scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall ...
Matthew (Jonah): I have a question for you real quick. What did you think of my demo? Did you get it, did you get it?
Aldous Snow (Russell): I was gonna listen to that, but then, um, I just carried on living my life.

The dissed look on Jonah's face was priceless. I cracked up for so long after that scene. So I'm hoping their new film together Get Him To The Greek will stack up. It's supposed to be a sequel of sorts to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Aziz from Parks and Recreation is in it too which for me is a plus–he's hilarious. Here's the trailer. Think you'll see it?

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The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ahhhh I can't wait! Forgetting Sarah Marshall was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. May just have to rent it again come to think of it... Hope you're enjoying the holiday Monday! XO

Seven Yossarian said...

I'm stoked to see looks hilarious. I hope Aziz has more than just a cameo, that dude just cracks me up.

katrina lauren said... know how people write lol but you wonder do they really lol...well i did...over & over. the hug 'i really respect you' and awkward kisses meeting the guy at the door, pushing the making out faces apart, and the 'are you kidding me' about jogging! on my list for sure...thanks for the laugh this morning! it looks brillant!
happy day my friend!

pen.ny said...

HAHAHA, that was so great. I'm re-living the scene with the accent and all. Perfect!

caroline duke said...

i didn't ever actually want to see "forgetting sarah marshall." mainly because i can't really stand what's-her-name. but i thought it was so hilarious.

favorite part?

"peter! what are you doing here?"
"i came to murder you."

really. i laugh about it. daily.

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