I'm A Little Verklempt ...

I'm still shaking my head and pinching myself. Did a Kirtsy editor really say this about Happenstance yesterday?! Wow Karey M., you made my day/week/month. Thank you sincerely:) Not totally sure how it works, but I think if you go to Kirtsy and click on her title link it moves Happenstance up the 'popular' ladder. If you feel compelled to do so I thank you in advance! Wow, you really never know who might be reading your blog!:)

P.S. Do you remember Coffee Talk? Linda Richman was always getting 'Verklempt.' It was awesome.


karey m. said...

you're cute...and i meant every word.

i'd been a wee bit uninspired, but something clicked when i read your posts.

well done, you. well done. xoxo.

Brandi said...

karey always finds the best things, so i'm not surprised she put your blog on display for everyone to admire. and believe me, it deserves admiration (did i ever tell you how picky i am about who i invite to be part of my "friends" list?)

the southern hostess said...

So cool! Love this for you.

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