Red Carpet Funnies ...

McQueen? Gaultier? Galliano? No. Armani!

"They're just gonna spray her with glue and run her through a Build-A-Bear workshop."

Stephen Colbert's prediction on Lady Gaga's outfit from the E! red carpet. He's hilarious and the sponsor of the US Speedskating team, seriously. Also on the red carpet MGMT said something about being excited to see Hall & Oates that night. I think Giuliana was annoyed which made it funnier.

Speaking of Hall & Oates ... my friend Jason told us a story about how when he was younger his friend could not figure out why a band would think it was cool to call themselves "Haulin Oats." Isn't that the best?!

Photo: LA Times


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Hahaha. Love Colbert. The crazy.

Rachel said...

Did you see Britney's outfit?? That girl!!! So pretty from the waist up, but where was her skirt???? She's like a little sister you just want to go up and shake a little sense into.

I love Lady Gaga though - crazy as she may be. She owns it, and her music is so catchy!

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