Colored Floors ...

Chocolate herringbone painted pattern in a foyer.

Not exactly my style kitchen, but I can definitely appreciate this floor color.

Creative radiating squares.

The idea of painted floors sounds really fun to me lately. Doing a pattern might be tricky but even doing a fun solid color (like the Deep Ocean blue above) would add some spark. Especially if you're like me always seeming to pick neutral colored big pieces and relying on accessories for pops of color. Why not the floor too?

Photos: House Beautiful


dandelion daydream photography said...

oh I LOVE that blue floor! i grew up in a home with white walls (not that i have anything against white) and neutral colors EVERYWHERE.. that when i have a place of my own, it is going to have color EVERYWHERE! so i love looking at your blog for inspiration and different textures! :)

Prippy Handbook said...

Love painted floors! Reminds me of friends' homes on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Maine. Such an amazing look with such low maintenance.

julia wheeler said...

ooh i LOVE the herringbone!

abigail said...

the blue floor is amazing, but that ceiling is crazy- and would make the room so cold!

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