Wool And The Gang ...

Perfect labeling. Perfect graphic. Perfect ball of yarn.

How cute is this window? Tomorrowland's storefront in Japan.

I love it when genius is applied to a simple pastime. Wool And The Gang seriously makes me want to pick up a pair of knitting needles again. I love that you can buy a kit complete with yarn, wooden needles, and pattern. The kit packaging alone is enough to impulse buy. I can see myself cutting out the front panel of the packaging and framing it or using it to wrap a small gift. It's just too good to throw away! WATG also wins my unofficial "great name" award.

What an awesome gift to give!


Jaeve + Things said...

those are a great find! nice packaging, i love big simple text branding. i also know a few people who'd love these for xmas. i wish i had the time to knit! i fear i'm far too busy right now!

Happenstance said...

Hi! I feel the same, I'd like to think I had time but not with two kids, a husband and shopping to finish! I love your blog, especially since I was born in L.A.:)----- Haydee

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