Onions Are Not My Friend ...

Is it me, or am I the only one in the world who cries terribly when I cut onions? I’m not kidding I had to throw on my sunglasses last night to finish chopping them for dinner! I mean I’ve never looked so fabulous chopping onions but c’mon! I would’ve taken a photo of myself so you could laugh with (at) me but I had a 10 month old tugging on my pant leg and my 3 year old asking/yelling/singing for more Elmo crackers.

Thought I’d give you a good laugh to start your weekend right. Have a good one everyone! Group hug:)

Photo: Flickr


lovepics said...

so funny!! even without a photo, i can imagine you, beacause it's exactly me in my kitchen!!!
thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :-)
wishing you a happy week-end

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

OMG I thought it was just me! I literally cut in to an onion and start crying which doesn't end until about 20 minutes AFTER I've finished cutting the onion... I heard Alton Brown has tips, going to check it out!

Stephanie said...

Have you seen the precut Onions and shallots at Trader Joe's? My fave!!

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