The Brixton Four ...

First I must make mention that I am in no way, shape, or form a designer. However, I did have the pleasure of having a hand in the design process and inspiration for these four pieces from one of my favorite brands Brixton. I really enjoyed this project because there was no pressure and I was asked to merely provide ideas and make suggestions. Can't get any more fun than that!

Legion ... Perfect fit, light-weight jacket.

Marquee ... Your favorite, comfy t-shirt w/clean graphic.

Clobber ... Cozy & soft w/just enough "slouch."

Priscilla ... The flattering-for-all shirtdress w/pockets.


the NEO-traditionalist said...

What an awesome collection! I love the colors and designs. The t-shit is too cute (great font) and I adore that the shirtdress has pockets! Congrats to you for giving your input---I'm sure they were thankful to have a woman of such style contributing!
XX Kate

Krissy said...

I have the flannel and now I think I must order that shirtdress! It's so cute!

julia wheeler said...

ooh! i love the marquee! i need to make a trip back up to oceanside to purchase that little beauty! excellent work!

Stephanie said...

Nicely done. I think I need that dress and the cozy looking T. Too cute!

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