Nostalgic Androgyny ...

When I bumped into this photo of Kate Lanphear (style director at Elle) on The Sartorialist (my comfort blog:) I was suddenly hit by nostalgia. I swear she is wearing exactly what we used to have to wear as our uniform when I worked at Prada. We had a skirt and a pant option and this was the latter to a tee, including the shoes. The beauty of working there (amongst many things) was that each piece of our uniform was actually sold on the floor—it wasn't a "sales uniform." It was just either in all navy or all black depending on the season. And we'd get multiples of each piece! Those were such great times. I especially loved it because it was so androgynous looking. Kate pulls it off so well here especially with her hair. But no one pulls off androgynous better than Ms. Tilda Swinton.

P.S. I really do love Kate's hair. Makes me want to cut mine now. Ugh, here we go vicious hair circle!


julia wheeler said...

AND david bowie! strange how he kinda looks like tilda swinton, no? :)

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