etnies Boutique Hotel Room ...

You wonder what a "skate" inspired hotel room might look like and then you get this ... pleasant surprise actually. Apparently etnies teamed up with a local designer to create inspiration for one of many newly remodeled rooms at La Casa Del Camino boutique hotel in Laguna Beach. Pretty interesting concept, but what really caught my eye was the chair in the room and the bathroom sink. The chair (constructed of skateboard decks) was created by Pierre, owner of Sole Technology. And the sink was inspired by a popular pool spot in Huntington Beach. Clever. The colorful headboard believe it or not was made from skate shoe scraps. There are other environmentally sound features as well. Pierre is an “eco-maniac” (I mean this as a term of endearment) who has most definitely been a green pioneer in the action sports world. Skateboarding and boutique hotels … who woulda thunk it?

Thanks for sharing Christina (aka Chriffs/Chicken)!

Photos: Orange County Register


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for this picture. I love the chair and the sink as well. I am wishing, however, that the little fingerboards on the side was made into a soap dish.

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